throwback: vegas ?

So last month I did something I never thought I would do: Vegas.

Now, I’m not talking about the trip that most SoCal residents have taken with their parents when they were 5 years old or something. I’ve done that too— we also went with my father-side grandfather, and I have no recollection of this trip except that my grandfather “won big” at the slots which meant he won enough to treat us to lunch. I retrospect, I now wonder why he was gambling in the first place, as the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, has much to say of the evils of gambling.

With that in mind, yes. I, the Berkeley anti-capitalist, anti-fun, anti-anything that is not intersectional, vegan and gluten free* went to Las Vegas, a city which could be perhaps described as “capitalism’s fullest expression”, a city where everything is sold (substances, sex and Celine Dion) and everything is done big.

VSCO Cam-5 (1)
Nobu Breakfast in our room. Classic Japanese breakfast (miso soup, oshinko, rice, salmon, sashimi, tamago and fruit), and Nobu Breakfast Bento (scrambled salmon egg, mini blueberry-yuzu soba pancake with pecan miso butter, and fresh fruits) and assorted pastries.

And I had a great time! My boyfriend and I stayed at the Nobu Hotel (which is located within Caesar’s Palace) and had a fun but financially detrimental weekend. I had mainly chosen the hotel based on the fact that all of the room-service food is Nobu food, (and thus one of the few places in the world you can order a Nobu breakfast) but there were other perks too. While the hotel itself was located “within” the colossal behemoth that is Caesar’s, it was very subdued, quiet and classy wing that provided much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. But because it’s in Caesar’s, it’s super centrally located, so it was the best of both worlds— a boutique quiet hotel experience in the center of Las Vegas.

VSCO Cam-2 (1)
I won no money.

Another thing to recall here is that as an Applied Mathematics major, I’ve taken way too many probability classes to even have a remotely good time gambling. I believe a big part of the enjoyment in the experience comes from willful ignorance of mathematics. I did however, find Video Poker to be a mathematically compelling game. I won’t go through huge details on how the game is played, but if played optimally, you can get close to 99% return or even 100%— which means you can break even. That doesn’t sound exciting at all, but in comparison to most casino games, that’s pretty cool. So I did play some rounds of Video Poker, but unfortunately I made the Rookie mistake of not cashing out when I was ahead. I got too greedy and ended up with a net loss of $5.00 for my whole Vegas trip. Alas.

Despite my pessimistic attitude towards gambling, my lack of desire to go clubbing, I would say it was a highly successful trip. The novelty of it all— (why would you ever think of building a replica of a Ventian Square inside of a shopping mall?) was more than enough to keep me entertained, and the food we ate was spectacular.

VSCO Cam-3
Not the greatest picture, but this was our view from our seats! Totally open to the kitchen.

An addition to Nobu, we went to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (located in the MGM Grand). L’Atelier received a Michelin star in 2009 and is the more ‘casual’ dining version of Joel Robuchon. I say casual even though the price of the tasting menu was the same amount I would normally pay for all my food in a month (#cupnoodles4days). But I had never had experienced that level of dining before, so it was a really cool and unique experience that I enjoyed.


VSCO Cam-4 (1)
Dessert will always be my favorite course. Pictured here is ‘LES FRUITS TROPICAUX’

It was amazing though. Notable highlights of our dinner included the open kitchen aspect of the restaurant (so you can see what goes on behind the scenes!) and friendly staff. My favorite dishes were the spring onion soup and the mashed potatoes. I know that sounds a incredibly basic for me to visit a super high end restaurant and say that my favorite thing was the mashed potatoes, but it’s true. (And people agree with me too.)

But a trip to Las Vegas would not be complete without some drinking. Unfortunately, literally on the flight to the city of sin, I began to feel sick and realized I was coming down with something 😦 I visited a Minute Clinic right after I landed (woo best start of a trip ever!) and was on my way with some medication, but that meant no partying or Fat Tuesdays. We made up for it by instead going the really classy route. We visited the lovely and intimate Mandarin Bar inside the Mandarin Oriental. The bar provided glittery and dazzling views of the Strip and very well-prepared drinks.

VSCO Cam-6 (2)
The moody interior of the Mandarin Bar

From our seats, we enjoyed our 23-stories high view, which was comically obscured sometimes by a couple sitting closer to the window that was engaging in some very passionate activities. Haha nothing R-rated of course, but I felt a little bit like I was at a high school dance, giggling at the couple that takes advantage of the dark dance floor to make-out with each other.

So thus concludes my first Las Vegas trip as an adult: a trip mostly centered around food and living beyond my means. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad we only went for two nights. It was the perfect length of trip where I indulged but didn’t feel too indulgent.

The whole experience left me feeling simultaneously very ‘adult’ and not one at all. I felt ‘mature’ and adult like because there I was, sitting in that incredibly classy bar drinking an incredibly classy drink whilst staring into a shimmering horizon. On the other hand, I was also chortling at the fact that two grown adults were k-i-s-s-i-n-g in full view of the public. Both my boyfriend and I took always special care to dress up and try to look not like college kids, but we ended up being carded repeatedly wherever we went.

We were trying to emulate a lifestyle we didn’t yet have (probably a decade off), but it was fun playing pretend for a weekend.


big sur

Pure California Coast baby
Pure California Coast baby

I know I must have left my thousands of readers concerned as to my whereabouts. In the past 5 months that I have not been active on my blog, I have been back home to Los Angeles, gone to Costa Rica, taken the Spring Semester off from school to work, and most recently took a weekday glamping* getaway with friends to Big Sur, California.

For those who aren’t familiar, Big Sur is a stunning stretch of central-California coast line, much of which is surrounded by/part of several state parks. Alongside the coast are many beautifully forested areas, including the Los Padres National Forest.

A picture of our trailer that we "glamped" in
A picture of our trailer that we “glamped” in

It was really nice to get away from Berkeley and seeing the “rugged and breathtaking coast of California” really puts things into perspective. I’ve been getting really stressed out about my future/my life lately, and seeing the raw natural beauty of this world was a good reminder that I just need to focus on the present.


So last week, we lived in this beautifully remodeled vintage trailer, which I found on Big Sur Getaway. Catherine, who runs her business with her husband Werner, were extremely hospitable and even gave us from fresh eggs from their chickens on the day we checked in. Catherine redecorates and revamps the trailers to make them cute Instagram-able sensations, and the small spaces are surprisingly liveable. The three of us lived comfortably in the trailer, cooked many meals in the fully functional kitchen, and even watched a chick flick every night in the flat-screen TV inside! I didn’t get too many shots of the interior of the trailer, but you can see Jesse’s dog, Bowie, lounging on one of the beds inside above.

It was also really nice going on a trip with friends (I still love you Winston!!). Western society puts so much focus on romantic relationships that when I told everyone I was going on a trip to Big Sur, everyone assumed that I was going on a trip with my boyfriend. Everyone needs a break from boys once in a while hehehe. The emphasis that we place on romantic relationships often mean friendship gets the backseat, which is weird since lovers come and go but friends are forever ❤ ❤ (cue cheesiness)

*glamping — glamorous camping; so not really camping at all. for #LAgurls like me who wanna see nature but don’t wanna live it.