Hi! I’m Maya and welcome to this space on the internet I purchased for $35/year. The following is a photo of how I look most of the time; I have very thick glasses but wear contacts when I leave the house because I somehow have very poor depth perception when I wear my glasses.

I am a twenty-something who is strongly interested in the intersection of design and technical pursuits.

This blog is my space to play and make sense of our fascinating world and exciting, changing times. In case you were wondering, my blog is named after my now deceased pet rabbit, Rusty. For reasons I do not comprehend, my dad would often refer to our many pet rabbits as “Meow Meow”. This is in no way related to the drug Mephedrone. My dad and I both really, really, really like rabbits. I don’t know why he does, but I went to a Japanese pre-school that had lots of rabbits for the kids to play with, so that’s my excuse.

Some adjectives & other descriptors which apply to myself:

  • currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley, Class of 2016
  • not a genius (I’m like a B average student, so don’t get any ideas)
  • #LAgurl — I was born, bred, and fed in the WASP-y but pleasant Pasadena, California (a suburb in Los Angeles)
  • My dad is South Indian and my mom is Japanese.
  • I live in cooperative student housing and it is the best decision I’ve made in my life so far. I will soon be living in San Francisco because I am techie scum
  • I’m a slacktivist (but I’m working on changing that) interested in feminism, racism, classism, colonialism and ableism
  • basically I’m #BerkeleyAF and don’t even use shampoo to wash my hair 
  • questions and wanna get in touch? send me an email at mkk [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Other places to find me: @meowkulkarni on twitter, @meowmeowkulkarni on instagram, @meowkulkarni on medium


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