Tomorrow (Monday) UC Berkeley students begin finals week. Since I am not in school this semester, this just means for me I get to laugh and jeer at the suffering of my friends while I lead a stress-free life: occasionally doing work for the start-up I intern at and taking pretty instagram photos.

But for most of my close friends, this is also their last semester as a student at Cal. Had I not taken the year off, I too would be a Spring 2015 graduate. It’s comforting to know that I still have time to figure out my life– but it brings that reality closer as my friends realize it is actually time to do the “what do I do after I graduate!???” In some senses though, it’s nice to know we are all freaking out about the same things.

I’m not too sad that I am graduating a year later; thankfully most of my close friends are staying in the Bay Area next year. Despite the fact that we are all going to still be around each other, there’s been a sense of urgent camaraderie that manifests itself in numerous brunches, bars and parties that we normally wouldn’t make time for.

I’m not complaining.


Most recently, as a pre-finals hurrah, we visited the immensely popular Bette’s Oceanview Diner. Despite having no view of the ocean, this Fourth Street staple had over an hour wait when we got there on this past Saturday morning. Undeterred by the promise of mouth-watering pancakes, we browsed the nearby milf-y/bougie/out-of-our-price-range stores (I also somehow lost my debit card in this interim). When we were finally seated, we requested some crayons and doodled and took Polaroids until our food came.

Bette's Ocean View Diner

I ordered and shared the Strawberry Souffle Pancake and Mexican Scramble. The pancake was light and fluffy and quite delicious. Erik and I were somewhat disappointed with the Mexican Scramble, that’s what we get for ordering a “Mexican Scramble” at a classic American diner. Be warned that their serving sizes are on the smaller side. I left satiated but not feeling full ( a good thing though, nutritionists say). The service was also rather slow, but I think this too was a good thing. What could have easily been a measly hour-long eat and go affair was transformed into a total morning experience. It’s hard to get stressed UC Berkeley students to hang out for long periods of time and I enjoyed being with everyone. We also stuck a bunch of custom stickers of our faces (don’t ask) onto various things on the table. We still have our antics after all 🙂

As far as graduations and the end-of-college goes, I’m feeling pretty good. What would have been a bittersweet time has been tempered by the fact that a)  everyone’s still going to be around and b) we’ve learned to make time for one another.

But come back to my in a year when I’m graduating. Maybe I’ll be a sobbing wreck when it’s actually time to go.


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