Pure California Coast baby
Pure California Coast baby

I know I must have left my thousands of readers concerned as to my whereabouts. In the past 5 months that I have not been active on my blog, I have been back home to Los Angeles, gone to Costa Rica, taken the Spring Semester off from school to work, and most recently took a weekday glamping* getaway with friends to Big Sur, California.

For those who aren’t familiar, Big Sur is a stunning stretch of central-California coast line, much of which is surrounded by/part of several state parks. Alongside the coast are many beautifully forested areas, including the Los Padres National Forest.

A picture of our trailer that we "glamped" in
A picture of our trailer that we “glamped” in

It was really nice to get away from Berkeley and seeing the “rugged and breathtaking coast of California” really puts things into perspective. I’ve been getting really stressed out about my future/my life lately, and seeing the raw natural beauty of this world was a good reminder that I just need to focus on the present.


So last week, we lived in this beautifully remodeled vintage trailer, which I found on Big Sur Getaway. Catherine, who runs her business with her husband Werner, were extremely hospitable and even gave us from fresh eggs from their chickens on the day we checked in. Catherine redecorates and revamps the trailers to make them cute Instagram-able sensations, and the small spaces are surprisingly liveable. The three of us lived comfortably in the trailer, cooked many meals in the fully functional kitchen, and even watched a chick flick every night in the flat-screen TV inside! I didn’t get too many shots of the interior of the trailer, but you can see Jesse’s dog, Bowie, lounging on one of the beds inside above.

It was also really nice going on a trip with friends (I still love you Winston!!). Western society puts so much focus on romantic relationships that when I told everyone I was going on a trip to Big Sur, everyone assumed that I was going on a trip with my boyfriend. Everyone needs a break from boys once in a while hehehe. The emphasis that we place on romantic relationships often mean friendship gets the backseat, which is weird since lovers come and go but friends are forever ❤ ❤ (cue cheesiness)

*glamping — glamorous camping; so not really camping at all. for #LAgurls like me who wanna see nature but don’t wanna live it.


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