questionable taste

So I have a job. This job pays real ca$h money, so I decided I should buy all those things I said I would if I had money (only for a little bit, and the rest is gonna go to $avings).

For the longest time I wanted a “super kawaii” phone case. It came in the mail today and I found myself being awash with various feelings as I held the springy silicone whipped cream marvel.

I love it– the pink bow, the mini donut, the ice cream. The case looks so cute and so yummy and so utterly juvenile. Why am I attracted to this aesthetic ?

I have no clue. In some ways, decoden is a gross expression of capitalist and consumer culture. In addition to purchasing a pricey mobile phone, I’m also decorating it with signs of wealth/opulence/consumerism (i.e. frilly bows and desserts).

Or maybe I just really like pink and bows are cute and I love sweets and it has nothing to do with capitalism at all and I’m just a brainwashed UC Berkeley activist-yuppie who think she’s being controlled by capitalism/white supremacy/patriarchy.

Either way, I’ll update y’all on what it’s like having a phone that you cannot lay flat on its back[1].

[1] I have no idea why I made this connection when I typed this out. I do not, and do not plan on making sexual advances with my phone.


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