Brunch at Cloyne Court on 9/20 — Pea Salad, Home Fries, Strawberries + Cream Crepe, Brown Sugar Bars, Breakfast Pizza

One of the highlights of living in any house within the Berkeley Student Cooperative is that you get meals cooked for you. Most nights you get dinner, but Saturday has brunch– see above.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the really trendy thing right now, i.e. the role of Tech in San Francisco Gentrification. I just read this really insightful article on the labor models that these companies take.

No cohesive thoughts yet, but some ideas:

  • what sort of benefits, visible, invisible, social and tangible, do the young + wealthy + educated receive from living in the Bay Area?
  • what does this highly educated population give back to the Bay Area?
  • are you entitled to give back to the community?
  • why do we blame the techies? what about #capitalism as a structure?
  • as a young college student interning at a start-up, what role do I play in all of this?

On another wholly unrelated note, I have now decided to ditch shampoo & conditioner completely. I am doing that whole baking soda + acv thing because I live in a co-op and I’m a dirty hipster.

Some people swear by this method, other’s say it ruined their hair forever.

I will update everyone on it goes. I also have two midterms (Algebraic Topology and Complex Analysis) on Monday, so I better get studying eeeep.


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