healthy person dinner that has more vegetables than I’m comfortable with.

I’m always incredibly conflicted about what sort of lifestyle I should lead. It changes from week to week, but sometimes I might revert back to a “lifestyle” I’ve already tried. Let’s be a hermit and talk to no one! Let’s be a party girl. Let’s eat nothing but deep-fried foods! Let’s do that healthy thing!

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty bad at sticking to one thing (the only thing that I’ve stuck to is purchasing only “ethical” clothing items– i.e. no child/slave labor, everyone’s getting a fair wage, etc.)

But one lifestyle (I hate using this word, I sound like a health magazine or something) that I keep coming back to is “the healthy one.” Whether it’s because I live in a cooperative that purchases only organic produce or because I live in the Bay Area where everyone is all about that all-natural artisanal this-that, I have no clue.

So right now we are in healthy mode (which means boring recipes and no fun and no parties) and so I went to Yoga to the People for their 6 o’clock class yesterday. It was in their beautiful new studio. We can discuss the appropriation of yoga later ahahhaa.  Post-yoga, I whipped up a “very reasonable dinner”. Sorry there are no precise measurements for this “recipe” (if you can call me mixing food in a bowl a recipe), but you should adjust the quantities of things to your preference.

 “Very Reasonable Dinner” (yellow/green edition)


  • Cooked Black Beans or frijoles negro
  • Cooked Brown Rice
  • Baby Kale leaves
  • Avocado
  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Brown Mushrooms
  • Egg
  • Monterrey Jack Cheese
  • Butter

Start cooking the egg, I recommend sunny-side up. While that’s happening, shred the cheese and heat up the brown rice with the shredded cheese. Place the warm brown rice and cheese into a large bowl, top with the cooked egg. Using the same pan that you cooked the egg in, saute mushrooms and sliced bell pepper with just a little bit of butter. Cook until bell peppers just start to brown. Place sliced avocado, baby kale leaves and cooked vegetables into the bowl with the brown rice and egg. Serve immediately.


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